2014 Explosive Start to Canyon Season!!! Review to Date!

What an explosive start to the 2014 Canyon Season for Pez Machine Sportfishing!!!
In our first four canyon overnighters we’ve boated (and/or released):
4 Makos, 35+ Blue Sharks, 71 Tilefish, 38 Yellowfins, 15 Bluefins to 180 pounds, and 4 Bigeyes to 200 pounds!!
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6/16-17/14 — Yellowfins, Bluefins & Tilefish — Canyons Keep Producing!!

Our Monday-Tuesday overnighter saw great fishing overall!!  We boated 10 yellowfins between 45-55 pounds and released 7 bluefins.  The tilefishing was off the charts!  We landed blueline tilefish to 17 pounds and golden tiles to 40 pounds!


6/14/14 — Stripers — That’s a wrap!

We had our last striper trip of the spring and hate to report that it was horribly slow.  No fish for us today.  I’d say that’s a wrap.

The spring season was hit or miss outside of two weeks in May when the trolling was on fire.

6/12/14 — Nearshore Sharking — Thresher in the Boat!!

Had an inshore sharking trip today and went 1 for 3 on thresher sharks!  This is one of the most underrated fisheries there is in my opinion.  Big game sharking less than a half hour from the dock!!


6/10-11/14 — Bigeyes, Bluefins, Yellowfins!!

Just got cleaned up from last night’s overnighter and have plenty to report!

We caught 10 yellowfins (6 released), 6 Bluefin (4 released), and 2 bigeyes!  The bluefins we kept were 45″ and our “over fish” was 180 pounds!  The bigeyes were both 120-130 pounds!


6/7-8/14 — Early Season Split-Charter Comes Together — Bigeyes!!!

We had our first split-charter of the season June 7th into June 8th and the fishing was fantastic!  We started off by putting 21 tilefish in the boat then went on the troll for tuna.

Managed to put a 30 pound yellowfin in the boat before dark and then set up for sharks at night.

We had blue sharks swimming around the boat all night; the guys fought and released 9 of them before they had had enough.

On the troll in the morning we landed 2 Bluefin tuna, 12 yellowfin tuna and our first two bigeye tuna of the season.

Pictured below is Teddy with his first tuna and one of the tiles he cranked up manually.  The group is also pictured with our 200+ pound bigeye!




5/25-26/14 — First Overnighter of 2014! Canyons Heating Up; Sharking on Fire!

Fished the canyons local to Long Beach Island on our first overnighter of 2014.   We ended up 6 for 8 on 40 pound yellowfins before we set up for sharking.

The sharking was incredible. We boated a 220 pound mako shark and released another mako.  We also released 25+ blue sharks.  We never went more than 5 minutes without a bite — Non-Stop Action!


8/17-18/13 — Bigeyes and Longfin!!

We fished overnight Saturday into Sunday and had great trolling action!

Our first shots on the troll were longfin tuna and we quickly put a few in the boat to break the ice.

At dusk we got the bite we were looking for and the guys went to work on a 140 pound bigeye tuna.  After 25 minutes we had the fish on the boat and the guys were pumped.

The night bite was non-existent but it gave us a chance to rest up for the morning.

Once again, the morning saw huge explosions behind the boat and we connected with another bigeye tuna.  This fish was a little tougher but the guys got it to the boat in 30 minutes and Doug sunk the harpoon.  This one was 180 pounds.

Back on the troll we picked up a few more longfin before heading for the dock.

August 2013 Fishing Update

We’ve been fishing a lot recently and I haven’t had time to update the website as much as I’d like.  Recently we’ve done everything from half day fluke trips to extended overnight trips offshore.

On the inshore grounds the action has been fierce.  On most half day trips we’ve had over 40 fluke with a handful of keepers.  Our best trip was 12 keepers to 28 inches.  That’s some good eating!

On the inshore Bluefin front we’ve had a mixed bag of Bluefin tunas and mahi-mahis.  We’ve been fortunate enough to come home with a Bluefin tuna on each of our trips and released as many as 12 more.

Offshore is heating up! Bigeye tuna, longfin tuna, yellowfin tuna, white marlin, mahi mahi, wahoo, swordfish and mako sharks have been caught recently.  It should only get better from here.


Inshore Mixed Bags

The past couple days we’ve had inshore trips and had mixed bags of blowfish, kingfish, fluke and sea bass.