Beach Haven White Marlin Invitational — 2nd Heaviest Tuna, 3rd Most Tuna Points

Once again had the pleasure of fishing the Beach Haven White Marlin Invitational Tournament. I’m already thinking about next year.

I didn’t sleep much Wednesday night as we were fishing Thursday and I had memories of the big hatchet we jumped off during the thunderstorm on our second day of fishing last year. It was a heartbreaker for everyone involved on the boat and I was hoping that any shots we had would end in our favor this year.

On Thursday we fished the Carteret in 6-8 footers and 15-20 knots of southwest wind. It wasn’t pretty.

Around 9am we had bigeyes explode on two flatlines and our shotgun lure. We were in 1500 feet of water trolling across the swell… The sight of those fish airing out behind the boat never gets old!

My dad and John Tilton were dumb enough to grab the rods and got their butts kicked for an hour and twenty minutes. It’s times like these that makes me appreciate being on the trottles. Unless it’s a big swordfish, I’m really not much for torture.

We saw both the fish. We got a good look at my dad’s fish twice, it was in the 200-220lb class, before pulling the hook and John’s hit the deck. Back at the dock it weighed 159 pounds.



We headed for the scales early on day one.

Day two was uneventful. We headed back to the same spot in the Carteret but didn’t do much.

Picked up a couple dolphin and a 69 pound yellowfin.

Had a great time at the awards party last night! It was great to see so many familiar faces at the party and on the board!

After the awards party I left for the boat. We left at 12:30 for the Hudson… I think I got 20 minutes of sleep before my alarm went off.