Hudson Canyon 8/9-10

Fished the hudson Sunday-Monday and couldn’t resist the bigeye temptation. Ended up in the area and trolled for a while without a bite.

Around 5:40pm i saw some bait scatter on the surface, made a turn and watched a bigeye explode on a 9″ canyon runner rainbow squid bar.

We really put the heat on the fish as it was only a single bite and had it to the boat quickly. From hookup to sinking the gaff the whole fight took about 6 minutes.

Unfortunately, despite marking the eyeballs and tons of bait, nothing more happened for us before
setting up on the chunk.

At night we picked a few small yellowfins on the jig and had one take a squid meant for a sword.

Around 2:30am we released a nice mako.

Kept looking for the bigeyes in the morning and had a white pile on a blue/white skirted ballyhoo. Removed the hook, snapped a couple of pictures and let it go.

Noticing some restless anglers I headed over to the west wall and immediately go into the yellowfins.

Picked up a bunch of yellowfins, released another white around 9am and then called it a trip at 10am.

Ended up with a 130-140 pound bigeye(111 dressed), 10 yellowfin, 2 white marlin releases, a mako release, and 2 dolphin over 20 pounds.

I’ll add some pictures when I get my camera off the boat.