July 15-16 — Toms Canyon Overnighter

Fished the toms and had lines in around the 40 fathom line. We put a couple 50 pound yellowfins in the boat in 50 fathoms and fought off skip jacks for much of the afternoon. Jumped off a white marlin before setting up on the drift.

30 minutes into sharking we had our first bite. It was a beauty of a mako that measured around 30 inches. we removed the hook and put a tag in it and let it swim away. We released a hammerhead and a dusky and finally had the right bite at 4am.

After an acrobatic fight we put a 74″ mako in the boat just in time to get up on the troll.

The morning troll was good and we saw 7 more small yellowfin and 2 50 pounders..

Trolled into 50 fathoms and had a blue marlin pile on a jet but it didn’t come tight.