Lindy Canyon Report 9/13-14/2007

Got to the Lindy around 3pm and had our first yellowfin on in short order. We were trolling around schools of skipjack breaking water and some yellowfin were underneath.

Our first fish came up on a 9″ canyon runner rainbow squid bar. We landed the 80# yellowfin and trolled on. Two more nice yellowfin hooked up on the same bar but pulled the hook both times.

Around 4:30pm had a quick longfin bite and had two shots at the penguins… both times the fish hit a skirted ballyhoo and a rainbow squid bar… We landed all 4 fish.

Set up on the northeast corner and had small bait in the lights immediately. The squid were not as abundant as they’d been in past trips but we managed to net a few.

Marked fish steadily until midnight without any takers before a sword rig down 150′ gets hit. The sword never came back on the bait and instead switched off onto a live squid on 80# fluorocarbon. After 30 minutes and much luck i sunk the gaff into a fat 60″ sword.

At 4:30am we finally began to pick away at the tuna we’d been marking all night. by sun-up we had gone 7 for 10 on yellowfin on the chunk, releasing 4.

At some point during the night we used the dip net to catch what we thought was a tinker mackerel, but upon closer inspection it turned out to be a 5-6″ wahoo. Pretty neat…

cleaned up and headed home at first light.