Pez Machine Report — 6/11-6/12 — 2 Makos, 7 Bluefin, 9 Yellowfin

Headed to the Spencer canyon yesterday on a crew trip and began trolling around 4pm.

By dusk we had picked away at 5 bluefin, 4 of which were released. we kept a 46″ fish. Our bites came on 9″ canyon runner rainbow squid bars, green machines and ballyhoo. All of the action occurred in 200-250 fathoms on the northeast corner of the spencer in 73-74 degree water.

We set up our chum slick on the drift with skippies breaking the surface around us.. We thought it was going to be an amazing night with bluefin under the boat almost immediately, but they didn’t bite and disappeared shortly thereafter.

We released a 3′ mako that ate a bunker at 2:30am and then we released another small mako, a 4 footer, that ate a butterflied mackeral around 4am.

The drift took us to the northeast so we started trolling in 500 fathoms on the southwest side of the lindenkohl. Spoke with Phil from the Canyon Runner who said he’d had yellowfin on the SW corner the day before. Not more than 2 minutes after we put down the radios we had a shot of small yellowfins. We had boils on 5 baits but only hooked 2. Both were 34-35 inches.

A couple hours later we were on the SW side of the Spencer and we hooked into a nice fish on a ballyhoo. After a 45 minute fight we had a fat 58″ bluefin on deck. Circled right around and had a shot of 3 more yellowfin. Two were throwbacks and one was about 25 pounds.

Ended up with another flurry on the NE corner of the Spencer between noon and 2pm. We had another big bluefin eat a mini green machine bar trolled from the flat line, after 15 minutes we pulled the fish through the door, took the hook out and measured it at 62 inches, and then released it.

went 2 for 3 on yellowfin twice more and called it a trip at 3pm.