2014 Explosive Start to Canyon Season!!! Review to Date!

What an explosive start to the 2014 Canyon Season for Pez Machine Sportfishing!!!
In our first four canyon overnighters we’ve boated (and/or released):
4 Makos, 35+ Blue Sharks, 71 Tilefish, 38 Yellowfins, 15 Bluefins to 180 pounds, and 4 Bigeyes to 200 pounds!!
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6/16-17/14 — Yellowfins, Bluefins & Tilefish — Canyons Keep Producing!!

Our Monday-Tuesday overnighter saw great fishing overall!!  We boated 10 yellowfins between 45-55 pounds and released 7 bluefins.  The tilefishing was off the charts!  We landed blueline tilefish to 17 pounds and golden tiles to 40 pounds!


6/14/14 — Stripers — That’s a wrap!

We had our last striper trip of the spring and hate to report that it was horribly slow.  No fish for us today.  I’d say that’s a wrap.

The spring season was hit or miss outside of two weeks in May when the trolling was on fire.