The Crew

Captain Stewart Hitchner

Stew grew up spending a couple weeks every summer in Barnegat Light. At least once a summer, with Stew’s older sister leading the way, Stew still in diapers and his brother in a stroller, they all were taken to the Dairy Queen in Barnegat Light. Once the torturous wait for ice cream ended, Stew’s mom and dad would walk all three kids along the bulkhead to see what the fishermen were catching that day. The first time Stew saw a blowfish inflate he was hooked. Little did Lee and Mary Kay know that a simple trip to the ice cream shop would develop into a lifelong love for both fishing and the ocean.

Years later, having listened to something urging him to venture farther and farther offshore, Stew has logged over 500 trips to the canyons and has tournament wins and places to his credit.

Though Stew loves any minute he can spend fishing both inshore and off, his true passion for the sport lies in fishing the blue water offshore and breath-hold spearfishing.

Stew is looking forward to spending the day on the water with you. He derives a lot pleasure out of helping people catch their first or largest of a target species and passing along knowledge he has gained over the years.

His memorable catches or releases of note include: catching his first tuna with his dad and brother on their 25 foot mako, releasing a 550 pound Blue Marlin and an 800 pound Mako shark alone with his dad, 3 species of billfish and 3 species of tuna on one trip, a 275 pound Swordfish, releasing a 350 pound Bluefin Tuna, releasing an 85 pound White Marlin, releasing 51 Yellowfin Tuna, a Swordfish and a Mako in one night, shooting a 40 pound 2 ounce Striped Bass with the speargun, and shooting his first Mahi-Mahi with the speargun the same day his brother shot his first Mahi-Mahi.

Captain Brian Cartlidge

Brian has been addicted to fishing ever since he could walk. He grew up fishing with his father and his older brother, Rich, on their family boats pursuing mostly inshore fish off the coast of New Jersey. At the young age of 14, Brian began mating on the local Beach Haven charter boats fishing at least five trips a week. It was at this point, that Brian was introduced to the wonderful world of offshore fishing. Tuna and Bill-fishing immediately became an obsession and there has been no looking back ever since. Although he still loves inshore fishing, it is offshore fishing that causes Brian to lose sleep!

Brian has had the privilege of learning the tricks of the trade from skilled, tournament-proven professionals such as Captain Chris Driscoll, and mates Jay Richardella, and Jeff “Tigger” Stolarz, as well as many other fine captains and mates from around the country. He is open to learning new tricks and also loves to share the techniques and skills that he has gathered over the years.

Prior to heading off to college, Brian earned his United States Coast Guard Captain’s License at the young age of 18. He had logged enough sea time from his years of fishing both on his family boats and on charter/private boats and desperately wanted to attend Captain’s school so off he went.

Brian currently attends Eckerd College conveniently located in St. Petersburg Florida which allows him to fish year round! He fishes on average 4-5 days a week in Florida which allows him to stay in “fishing shape” 365 days a year! Although the fishing on the West coast can be pretty good, Brian frequently visits the east coast of Florida where he pursues both Sailfish and Swordfish. Despite being addicted to fishing and living on the water, Brian will graduate on time with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Finance.

Brian looks forward to having the privilege of fishing with you and will do his best to not only put you on the fish of a lifetime, but also to make your day a memorable experience!

Mike Kelly

John Panacek