Toms Canyon — 7/11-12 — 8 Yellowfin, 6 Dolphin, 6 Tilefish

Had a bunch of friends in town from all over the country and decided to make the most of the gorgeous weather.

We headed to the Toms canyon on Friday afternoon and immediately dropped down for tiles. We gave it a little more than an hour and a couple of drifts but didn’t come up with anything.

Went on the troll and immediately had an 80 pound yellowfin hit a Canyon Runner 9″ rainbow squid bar off the long rigger.. given the reports from the morning bite I thought it was going to be a good day..

It wasn’t to be and we spent the next three hours trolling around and picking away at chicken dolphin…

Around 5pm, 6 miles up from the northeast corner we had a 350-400 blue marlin swim up on a rainbow squid bar trolled from the port side flat line. Doug Adams cranked the bar away and my brother (also Doug) dropped a purple/silver/black senior wide range.. After 3 seconds he engaged the drag and this thing put on a show…

Had to run the boat at 18 knots for a bit to keep the fish from jumping into the cockpit.. eventually she settled down and went deep. Unfortunately, it seems she was tail wrapped or her bill got wrapped in the main line during the air show and after 15-20 minutes we broke her off way above the swivel..

Spent the balance of the day between there and the northeast corner with bait all over the place but didn’t do anything more..

We didn’t do anything on the chunk except break off what was likely a big hammerhead..

Picked a yellowfin at sunrise and then spent the next 3 hours frustrated about the number of boats and the lack of bites.. Then we had our turn at the fish and got covered up.. 10 out of the 12 lines in the water got hit and we hooked up with 8 of them. Since 8 people were asleep inside the fish all got a nice headstart and it took a while to crank them in.. broke a couple off and boated the rest.

Dropped down for tilefish afterwards and picked up 6 to 19lbs. We had a few diehard simpson fans calling them yum-yum fish.. they certainly taste that way..

Final tally for the trip:
8 for 12 on yellowfin(all 65-95lbs)
6 chicken dolphin
6 tilefish
0 for 1 on blue marlin

I should have some pictures tonight as people flew/drove home last night

Here’s corey on the last yellowfin of the day. It took about 45 minutes from start to finish so he’s lucky it was a nice fish.. tipped the scales at 70 pounds dressed…